moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…..

Welcome back! I know that it has been a while since I last wrote something here. The last few years have been rough, and I will probably write all about that later.

Also, the number of English speaking friends has increased, therefore I will do my best to make this blog readable in English.

Four or five years ago somebody asked me what I wanted to do five years from now. I said I had a vision of myself living in a big house in the country and doing pottery. I didn´t even do pottery back then and living in the country seemed like an unreachable dream.

I know, I know… It´s a cliche. It´s kind of every other middle age womans dream to move to the country and do pottery. But I don´t care. The dream is about to come true.

Here I am. A big house, with a gorgeous view and a stable ready to be turned in to a pottery studio.

The main building. The lake is behind me.

The stable building. The white part will be the pottery studio, and hopefully there will be room for a small boutique too.

A lot of work is needed. This space was used as a flower room. The woman who used to live here has a passion for gardening. Useful things that are allready here is a working water heater, flouroscents in the ceiling in the main room, and lots of shelfs.

This is what the pottery studio looked like when we just moved in. I have managed to take down the big shelfs in front of the sliding door. That´s the best spot to place the sink. The drain is right there in the middle. So it should be fairly easy. It´s just that you can´t really put a sink on a slidig door. You need a wall for that.

Said and almost done. This is how far I got yesterday, before and after a meeting with my sons new school, and going to the store for plasterboards, insulation and studs.

Beginning of a wall in front of the sliding door. I have to be able to open the door since the kiln is right behind it.

Remember the kiln project?

Nothing happened with that. The kiln was still in the garage when it was time to move. I did however buy a smaller kiln that I had installed in the basement. But now it´s time to get the big one going. Just need a visit from the electrician, who has promised to come soon and have a look.

To be continued…..