a wall is rising

Making a wall is not really hard. It just takes time, planning and patience. I don´t really possess a lot of planning skills or patience, and at the moment, not a lot of time either. There´s so much to be done to the house we moved to. So whenever I work in the ceramic studio I steal time from the house. That makes me kind of stressed out.

But some work has been done!

I did a stupid thing, wich often happens because of my disability to make plans. I had one small jar of this beautiful pink paint, and I used it on the side of the sliding door that´s gonna be hidden behind the wall and never being seen by anybody. If I used it on the left side of the door it would have been just enough.

What to to with the ugly pipes?

Since I did all the work by myself, I didn´t have a chance to put plaster boards on the back of the wall before rising it, therefor I put chicken wire in the back of each square to keep the insulation in place.


Next step, plastic.


Insulation and plaster boards. I had to go with the 60X120 cm, because the big once are to heavy, when working alone.


All covered.


Wall filling in place!


Since I´m going to try to put tiles on the wall above the sink, I only painted the top of the wall. Don´t wanna waste paint right??? And now I had to go with white on the sliding door, since I´m out of pink.

I was very lucky. We went to my mother in laws old house to collect firewood. I found left over tiles from when she did renovation in her bathroom. Of course I could have them. When we got back home I counted and meassured, I would be able to cover half the wall above the sink, with three tiles left!!!


I made a frame for the sink. I got a helping hand from my mother in law to get the sink up there.


Look!!! I did it, all the tiles are up on the wall. And they´re straight too.

Next step, tab and plumbing. I also need to build a sludge separator.

moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…..

Welcome back! I know that it has been a while since I last wrote something here. The last few years have been rough, and I will probably write all about that later.

Also, the number of English speaking friends has increased, therefore I will do my best to make this blog readable in English.

Four or five years ago somebody asked me what I wanted to do five years from now. I said I had a vision of myself living in a big house in the country and doing pottery. I didn´t even do pottery back then and living in the country seemed like an unreachable dream.

I know, I know… It´s a cliche. It´s kind of every other middle age womans dream to move to the country and do pottery. But I don´t care. The dream is about to come true.

Here I am. A big house, with a gorgeous view and a stable ready to be turned in to a pottery studio.

The main building. The lake is behind me.

The stable building. The white part will be the pottery studio, and hopefully there will be room for a small boutique too.

A lot of work is needed. This space was used as a flower room. The woman who used to live here has a passion for gardening. Useful things that are allready here is a working water heater, flouroscents in the ceiling in the main room, and lots of shelfs.

This is what the pottery studio looked like when we just moved in. I have managed to take down the big shelfs in front of the sliding door. That´s the best spot to place the sink. The drain is right there in the middle. So it should be fairly easy. It´s just that you can´t really put a sink on a slidig door. You need a wall for that.

Said and almost done. This is how far I got yesterday, before and after a meeting with my sons new school, and going to the store for plasterboards, insulation and studs.

Beginning of a wall in front of the sliding door. I have to be able to open the door since the kiln is right behind it.

Remember the kiln project? https://klemkeckaemma.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/en-ny-kategori/

Nothing happened with that. The kiln was still in the garage when it was time to move. I did however buy a smaller kiln that I had installed in the basement. But now it´s time to get the big one going. Just need a visit from the electrician, who has promised to come soon and have a look.

To be continued…..